Join host Joel Spencer as we journey into rediscovering what has been forsaken by the modern Church.

February 28, 2020

Part 2: From Nothing To The King’s Table

This short series concludes as we continue to examine the life of Mephibosheth and how he was received by King David. It clearly depicts our own story - undeserving and forgotten, until the King calls our name.

February 27, 2020

Part 1: From Nothing To The King’s Table

In 2 Samuel chapter 4 we're introduced to a brief yet profound account of a man named Mephibosheth. These messages will take a quick look into what we're told of his life. Yahweh has given us so much to learn from His Word and this story is teeming with patterns that we can study and add to our lives. We are an undeserving people. Many in the world need to realize that for the first time and many in the Church need reminded.

February 26, 2020

Turn Off The Noise

The message of the world is blasting loud and clear. I think it would do the Church well to realize that this will not change. In fact, it will continue to increase. So what do we do? Protest? Yell and complain? I say, no. We come out and be separate. We give ear to Wisdom for She is still crying out to any who will listen... and we go to Her. Let's scrutinize what we're giving an ear to and become a focused, set apart people.

February 24, 2020

When Correction Comes

Have you ever prophesied to yourself? Well, I have - mere days ago. I have spoken for years about the lack of/need for proper correction within the Body of Messiah. Earlier this month I cried out in an episode for someone to bring me correction. Well, someone did. In fact, Yahweh saw fit for it to come to me, not just from one, but from two! I survived and it has proven me trustworthy, for now. May we rightly give ourselves to be corrected and disciplined, when necessary. And if we think it's never necessary, we're more in need of it than we even realize. 

February 21, 2020

Part 2 - Adonai: The God Of Going Through

The 2-part series concludes looking into the pattern of God being with His people through trials and tribulations. We must be careful to be sure that we're not going it alone and asking Him to come to where we are. Rather, we must be found being sure, in every situation of life, that we are going to where He is and allowing Him to walk us through every circumstance.

February 20, 2020

Part 1 - Adonai: The God Of Going Through

The modern Church majority promotes a doctrine that primarily says avoid trials at all cost, tribulations are not meant for you and God wants to deliver you out of "bad" circumstances. However, the biblical pattern is clear - Adonai Your Elohim is the God of going through. This 2-part series stays positioned in Isaiah chapter 43's example of this principle.

February 19, 2020

Self Defense & Influenced Information-Gathering

OK, so this episode needs a major warning label. I'm supercharged emotional in this one over my present-day understanding of non-violence, solely in light of walking as Yeshua walked. The latter half examines how we, as followers of Messiah, gather information in order to be rightly prepared for what lies ahead. I truly am confused about many peoples vantage point, but I rarely hear anyone make the time to maturely explain their "side" from a spiritual-man perspective alone.

This message is a cry for dialogue to come to the Church, in regards to these issues. I'm passionate and passionate people get riled up, so please keep this in mind before loading this one into your earbuds.

February 18, 2020

Isaiah 43

I've recently recorded three episodes that hover around the theme of "going through" that we see in Isaiah chapter 43. This is the first and the others will be a 2-part series to be posted in a few days.

February 13, 2020

Life Is A Breath

Life is challenging, let's just face it - whether you're in Messiah or just attempting to push through in your own strength. But there is hope for every man. In Yeshua Messiah, through the life-exchange that we see in Matthew 16:25, one can "find" his life and be given hope. Hope for what lies ahead and hope for the here and now.

February 12, 2020

What Have You Done?

This episode is special. Most mornings, in our house, we have a family Bible time that I generally teach. It's become some of the best times of our weeks and we learn a lot. Today, that time and the podcast merged into one. In this episode, I sit down with my wife and 8-year old son and we discuss some very intriguing patterns found in Genesis chapter 3 - the "fall" of man.