Path To Zion explores the rediscovery of the Ancient Way that has been abandoned, forgotten or simply missed (in Its fullness) by mainstream Christianity. The host, Joel Spencer, speaks from a ”Hezekiah call” to declare to the Christianity of this age that there has been a Way already carved out, ready to be walked along by any who will follow the Firstborn Of Many Brethren, Yeshua Messiah (Jesus). (* The podcast is now also recorded in video format on Youtube @ Path To Zion Podcast.)

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Sunday Feb 11, 2024

* This originally aired as a video episode on YouTube HERE.
The series gets underway by looking at Yahweh's reasons for choosing Abraham and his seed. Then, we'll go all the way back to Genesis chapter 4, where we see offerings being made unto the Most High. All throughout the Scriptures we hear of righteous men making sacrifices to Yahweh and bringing offerings.
And the most significant part of this? These events are all found taking place long *before* Mt. Sinai. We will begin to examine two of these four wonderful biblical patterns. Will you join us?

Who Are We?

Thursday Feb 01, 2024

Thursday Feb 01, 2024

Are those who believe in the Bible merely "Christians" now? Evangelicals? Protestants? "Replacement Israel?"
While many people would just answer this question with a simple answer, what if we have missed the covenantal identity that Yahweh has for His Set Apart People of faith?
Do you know who you are? Let's find out!

Wednesday Jan 31, 2024

What is a man today to do, in an age of great deception? How do we avoid being led astray? Let's find out!

The Not Yet

Tuesday Jan 30, 2024

Tuesday Jan 30, 2024

* This originally aired as a video episode on YouTube HERE.
Sometimes we just need to embrace the fact that we're just not who we should be yet. So what do we do? We press on!

Monday Jan 15, 2024

* This originally aired as a video episode on YouTube HERE.
In this episode we'll discuss the use of the word "guide" in our primary text (Acts 8.) While many a man has been led astray by other men, that should not be an excuse to write off His using of others to speak to us.
The key we'll present is this: discernment. Even here we see Philip starting to share the Gospel, beginning with the Torah and the Prophets. Time and time again the biblical pattern is clear. Make sure the Gospel agrees with what was foretold.
Lastly, the humility of the Ethiopian man is of utmost importance. Are we so desperate to know what is true that we too will invite another to sit beside us and guide us into truth? Let's find out!

Sunday Jan 14, 2024

* This originally aired as a video episode on YouTube HERE.
Is the account of Philip and the Ethiopian, in Acts chapter 8, an anomaly or a repeated biblical pattern? I'm afraid that in an age where we've become so isolated and individualistic, we're missing the wonder of Father intersecting men in such a way - for His purposes.
This episode will discuss the need for others to find the *fullness* of all that Yahweh wants us to learn and understand properly.

Friday Jan 12, 2024

* This originally aired as a video episode on YouTube HERE.
We've been told that the narrow is hard to find, and even less travelled. Why is that? Perhaps it is partly because we, in many ways, have not inherited a proper understanding of what it even is.
In this episode we'll discuss some Bible texts that discuss this topic. Are you walking the narrow way? Let's find out!

Thursday Jan 11, 2024

* This originally aired as a video episode on YouTube HERE.
All of us have been guilty of cherry-picking Bible verses in order to promote what we want them to say. We will use a popular text in Malachi to drive home the danger of this error.
If we are to properly understand, and fully apply the entire Word, we must be found doing all that we can to rightly divide the Word, and read It in Its entirety.
Do you make sure that you're reading your Bible fairly and wholly *before* you make assumptions in regards to what It's saying? Let's find out!

Wednesday Jan 10, 2024

* This originally aired as a video episode on YouTube HERE.
One must rightly understand that *false* accusations were constantly brought up against Messiah in order to judge Him unfairly. One is that He stated that, and acted as if, He was "above the Sabbath."
So was He? Or did He disobey His Father's command to "remember the Sabbath and keep it holy", thereby instituting merely a constant "sabbath rest" now, with no longer a need for a set apart day? Let's find out!
* In this episode I mention what it biblically means to "keep" the commandments. Here is Part 1 of that series.

Tuesday Jan 09, 2024

* This originally aired as a video episode on YouTube HERE.
Many people today are quite confused as to the purpose of Torah. I went 45 years of my Christian life, without any proper understanding of Its function. In my confusion and doctrinal error, I thought that it was a burden, a curse.
In this episode we'll discuss many Scriptures that speak to the blessings of the Torah, for those who submit to It.
Today, can you say, as David did, that Father's "Torah is perfect, reviving the soul?" Let's find out!

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