Join host Joel Spencer as we journey into rediscovering what has been forsaken by the modern Church.

Part 5 (Conclusion) - Spiritual Osmosis: The Assimilation of the Church

January 31, 2021

* This originally aired as a video episode on Youtube HERE.

Here we conclude this series as we read a detailed example of *how* the Children of Israel became enslaved by the Egyptians, found in the Book of Jasher. A ploy to slowly enslave Them, without Their even knowing it, was enacted and carried out to perfection.

I believe that it mirrors what has happened with the presentation of "new religion Jesus." This has infiltrated modern Christianity and blending in has becoming entirely acceptable. I'm convinced that a Roman-ized Church that is divorced from the Yahweh of the Bible will continue on in the future, unharmed, yet assimilated into a one-world religion. However, the true Church that stands on what was established for all generations will begin to suffer true persecution. The time to count the cost and begin Our exodus is now.