Wednesday Jul 31, 2019

When training my son and seeing his tendencies in regards to his obedience, I can't help but step back and examine my own life. This episode urges us to peer into our obedience motivation.

Monday Jul 29, 2019

A lot has been churning around in me this year along the lines of a, biblically-defined, ordered household. The other morning, I ended up recording a few basic thoughts on the matter. We're no poster children for the topic, but God is leading us into truth. (More on this, in much more depth, to come.)

Thursday Jul 25, 2019

Psalm 131 tells us of the satisfied life. One satisfied that God is his sufficiency and that his soul is at rest. What a wonderful place to be!

Monday Jul 22, 2019

Just some thoughts on asking ourselves how we respond to things just not playing out the way we would like them to in life.

Thursday Jul 11, 2019

How do you arrive at "knowing" what God is speaking? What is your pattern of arriving at a clear place of receiving what He is saying, however it comes? We must know and then, with discernment and humility, determine how we arrive at receiving the word of the Lord in our lives. 

Sunday Jul 07, 2019

This is the conclusion of our unearthing what biblical freedom really is. Despite the error that broad-way American Christianity teaches, there must be an exchange into the yoke of Christ. We were created to be within a yoke. Being found within the "easy yoke" of Jesus is true freedom.

Saturday Jul 06, 2019

I continue to explore what we perceive to be freedom. I'll begin to look into the primary differences between biblical freedom and national freedom. If any of us are truly desiring to follow the teachings of Jesus more than simply being a good "Christian American", we must know the difference.

Friday Jul 05, 2019

Yesterday was Independence Day in this nation. As I prayed and examined the Scriptures for clarity on matters in regards to our misunderstanding of what that truly means, this short series emerged. What is freedom? What is liberty? What is independence and should we even desire it?

Wednesday Jul 03, 2019

As those who desire to live according to the things of the spirit, we cannot simply go by what we see on the surface. We must examine the soil of our lives and all of the components that went into bringing the fruit to readiness. Are we willing to labor in the field of our lives instead of seek out a quick and easy harvest? This episode discusses that examination.

Sunday Jun 30, 2019

(OK, so I've known for a while that there's been a "missing" part to the "What Is Man..." series from February. I finally tracked it down and decided to post it, despite it being severely out of order. I'll put it here and attempt to get it in line at a later date.) This episode was recorded as I stood in my barn, looked at the old country church next door and asked myself what the purpose of mankind, and The Church, is. What age are we even in? Who are we? I'll tackle these questions and more.

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