Join host Joel Spencer as we journey into rediscovering what has been forsaken by the modern Church.

About Path to Zion

February 18, 2020

I'm pretty much your average 46 year old guy that now lives in the beautiful mountains of Southwestern Virginia. I love being a daddy and a husband. I live to be continually conformed into the image of Christ and believe that I exist to bring Heaven down to the earth. I love to challenge what you believe - not so that I can prove that either of us are right or wrong, but to get you to know why you believe what you do. I'm not into conferences, glory meetings or hyped up Christianity. Nor am I stagnant and zombie-fied in ignorance and spiritual depravity while snoring in a church pew. Are these our only two options? Who will mature in Christ and seek to be conformed to His image above all else? I used to write.... ALOT. I started two books that have been temporarily "shelved" until some spare time returns. I long for Christ's sleeping church to awaken and share this whenever I can. I believe and personally know that God speaks to people today. Will you heed His voice? Feel free to email me at: pathtozionpodcast[@]