Sunday Jan 31, 2021

* This originally aired as a video episode on Youtube HERE. Here we conclude this series as we read a detailed example of *how* the Children of Israel became enslaved by the Egyptians, found in the Book of Jasher. A ploy to slowly enslave Them, without Their even knowing it, was enacted and carried out to perfection. I believe that it mirrors what has happened with the presentation of "new religion Jesus." This has infiltrated modern Christianity and blending in has becoming entirely acceptable. I'm convinced that a Roman-ized Church that is divorced from the Yahweh of the Bible will continue on in the future, unharmed, yet assimilated into a one-world religion. However, the true Church that stands on what was established for all generations will begin to suffer true persecution. The time to count the cost and begin Our exodus is now.

Friday Jan 29, 2021

* This originally aired as a video episode on Youtube HERE.   This episode challenges the Church to realize that we don't need to 'stand up and fight' to cram Christianity into a worldly system that is supposedly attempting to be implemented on the earth (especially in America). Why? Because it is already here and American Christianity has already been enveloped into it. What if modern Christianity will be tolerated (and even accepted) in the coming age because it has become just another religion on the earth, void of distinction and power?

Thursday Jan 28, 2021

* This originally aired as a video episode on Youtube HERE. The series is getting moving as we begin to discuss the greater luciferian plan that started in the Garden of Eden and has subtly made its way into the present - even into the Church. I will present that the modern Christianity has been, is being and will continue in increasing measure swallowed up into a global religion. Yahweh God and His ways are becoming increasingly divorced from modern Christianity. What are we to do if the Church is actually NOT going to be silenced but rather will continue as a new religion, based upon western Christianity's "get whatever you want" Jesus?

Wednesday Jan 27, 2021

* This originally aired as a video episode on Youtube HERE. In this episode we begin to explain what I believe we're seeing in our age of the Church, in regards to a subtle deception that has immersed Her into a universal religion. What if the "good" and the "bad" that we are constantly presented are actually different heads of the same beast? Lastly, we'll ask, does the Church understand that the luciferian deception will likely be presented to Her as an attractive, and dare we say even desirable, religion?

Tuesday Jan 26, 2021

* This originally aired as a video episode on Youtube HERE. This episode starts a new 5-part series examining how the Christian Church is being slowly swallowed up into a larger, one-world religion. She may not see it yet, but we'll attempt to unearth the deception that is as old as the Garden of Eden and begin repairing the primary delusions that are causing it.

Thursday Jan 21, 2021

In this episode we touch on the fact that true discipleship within the Church has become practically extinct. Most every Believer today has never had a mature man who has gone before them take the time and effort to willingly sit beside and train them, for years. Why and what are we to do about it? And what is *THE* primary purpose of even "being the Church" anyway?

Tuesday Jan 19, 2021

This episode was recorded a couple of weeks ago and discusses the simple, yet quite profound reality that Yahweh has never been wrong. With no beginning and no end yet perfectly flawless and perfect in every possible way. This is our Father and we are called to be found entirely dependent upon Him. Let's talk about His greatness.

Monday Jan 18, 2021

* This originally aired as a video episode on Youtube HERE. Daniel chapter 6 shows us an admirable pattern in the life of Daniel. When he was conspired against, he was not moved or fearful whatsoever. Why? Because of his resolve to simply continue on with what he had already been doing. What if the greater "lions' den" wasn't the one with animals in it? What was the result of Daniel's testing and what would it say to us today? Let's find out.

Sunday Jan 17, 2021

* This originally aired as a video episode on Youtube HERE. Non-patriotic Christians. Although there are very few of us, I'm finding there are more of us out there than one might think. This short episode is in response to what we're hearing from friends and fellow Believers who are struggling to continue on in the Church as the evangelical/patriotic machine forges ahead with their agenda. How do we who don't identify with political parties and ever-changing cult-like movements - yet attempt to follow Yeshua (Jesus) - navigate our way in these chaotic times? How do we not lose heart and just walk away from the faith? It is possible! There is hope. Let's talk about it.

Friday Jan 15, 2021

* This originally aired as a video episode on Youtube HERE. For the second installment of this short series, we'll discuss 1 Peter chapter 4 where we see "judgment begins with the household of God". It goes on to inform us that "the righteous will barely be delivered." This is a timely message as the Church - and the entire world - is beginning to enter an age of unprecedented birth pangs. It is time to immerse ourselves into the Word of God and become sober in all things.

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