Sunday Sep 27, 2020

The close to the new series examining the awesome principles found within the observance of Yom Kippur/Day Of Atonement. How beautiful are both the imagery and the literal actions of presenting ourselves holy, righteous and pleasing to the LORD! Our hope is that this series helps us all go back to the ancient way and redeem what has been forsaken within the incredible Feasts of the LORD!

Sunday Sep 27, 2020

The new series continues as we examine the function of the High Priest, precisely during the Days Of Awe leading up to Yom Kippur. Do we need to "do anything" to be found clean before the Father? If we don't understand the function of the OT priest, we will never understand what was intended/implied when we are told that we now, in Messiah, are a royal priesthood.

Sunday Sep 27, 2020

I spontaneously decided to record more of what the LORD is revealing to us as we observe our first Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement. The more I see, the more I cannot hold back sharing to anyone who would have ears to hear. The incredible imagery is endless. In Part 1, we'll primarily discuss the priestly call to holiness.   (* Parts 2 and 3 will be posted immediately.)

Saturday Sep 26, 2020

* Yet again, the audio quality on this one is bad. I continue to learn how to properly use different equipment. Thanks for your understanding.   As we're presently within the Days of Awe, mere days away from Yom Kippur, I've been so overwhelmed by the thought of what the High Priests would have been going through, personally, during this time. What can we glean from this understanding? What shifted when Yeshua, the Great High Priest came and what does it mean for us today? Let's find out.

Friday Sep 25, 2020

In Luke chapter 21, Yeshua spells out many things that "will come" to His followers. It would do us all well to get it through our minds that we are included in those who will be called to endure trials and tribulations. In this episode, I examine the question, "How can you plan and prepare for something that you never expect to face in your lifetime, including suffering and persecution, for the name of Christ?". Of course, the answer is, you cannot. We must prepare our hearts now to endure the upcoming age that is fast approaching. This text will give us a correct perspective.

Thursday Sep 24, 2020

In Romans chapter 8, Paul tells us that "both Jew and Gentile have been granted the status of being considered righteous". How? Why? What do we do with this truth and how does it affect our day to day lives? Or does it?

Wednesday Sep 23, 2020

(* I found my recorder today! This episode, now one month old, was on it so I decided to throw it on here.) In this broadcast, I share a natural event that led to a spiritual principle - yellow jackets under my house foundation!

Sunday Sep 20, 2020

In ancient days it was tradition to go to the Water Gate (as mentioned in Nehemiah 8) and cast bread into the water. The activity was known as "tashlich", which comes from the Hebrew word meaning "to cast". It was meant to represent the casting of ones sins and "dirt". In this episode, we discuss this awesome principle.

Friday Sep 18, 2020

The title says it all. What will you do when trials make it to your house, your family and your circumstances? Are you prepared? Are you spiritually mature and set? Let's find out.

Thursday Sep 17, 2020

This one is all over the place. Primarily (of course) focused on the topic of endurance, spiritual preparation and the readiness to stand firm, no matter what comes.

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