Thursday Aug 27, 2020

Today is my son's birthday so it seemed fitting to share a bit of our story, in regards to becoming first-time parents at the age of 38. God surely poured out His goodness upon us when he gave us our son. I consider it a privilege to share, even in small increment, this part of our journey.

Tuesday Aug 25, 2020

A very brief episode discussing the challenges and rewards of training the heart of a child. It is more than merely aiming to rear moral children. We are called to reproduce the Father's original plan! We can do it!

Monday Aug 24, 2020

Sometimes the Father gives us two doors and both are deemed right in His eyes. So what do we do? This episode examines how we must be ones that walk in the path of Messiah and deny our own will, ways and our best interest. I'm convinced that we're entering a season where those of "active faith" will be used in great measure to advance the Kingdom, practically speaking.

Wednesday Aug 19, 2020

During my prayer time this morning, the Father continued to lavish His love on me. "How?" you may ask. Listen to this episode and find out! We'll also briefly discuss how the love of Yahweh God continues throughout all generations.

Monday Aug 17, 2020

Sometimes we just have to be as honest as we know how and talk to our Abba Father in absolute transparency. As we're being conformed to the image of the Son. As we journey into sanctification. As we strive to be holy as He is holy. As we labor to endure alongside the Brethren. Sometimes, for those who really give themselves entirely to these lifelong endeavors, we need to have the confirmation of the Father that He is in fact for us and not against us.

Thursday Aug 13, 2020

I ran across one verse in Habakkuk that stopped me in my tracks. From here on, I intend to make it one of my key verses. In this episode we unpack it line by line, attempt to extract all that we can from it and then bring it into our present-day lives.

Wednesday Aug 12, 2020

Right now is the time to follow the instructions of Proverbs. Look straight ahead. Fix your gaze. Level the path for your feet. Properly prepare your ways. Do not deviate to the right or left and keep your foot far from evil. A greater distinction is coming.

Friday Aug 07, 2020

This episode is too all over the place to title. I discuss concerns within the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine, replacement theology, "accepting Jesus into your heart" and a number of other issues. We'll get more precise in the next episode!

Wednesday Aug 05, 2020

Husbands, wives! This is an extremely topical episode of something very dear to our household. What are some rewards of submission in a godly home? This subject will be tackled in a much more detailed way soon, but this is a very brief look into the topic as a whole, specifically from the vantage point of the role and gift of a submissive wife.

Monday Aug 03, 2020

After coming across a video of some "pastor" ranting to no end about how he was going to assault a restaurant employee because his rights were being violated (aka he couldn't get his donut order without donning a mask), I took to the recorder to throw my two cents in. Hey Church, You're embarrassing Yourself yet again.

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