Friday Jul 31, 2020

As I read Mark chapter 6, I was instantly stopped at verse 42 that simply states, that "all ate and were satisfied". This episode points out the simple fact that one can never be satisfied with what Yahweh provides until he sits down to partake of it.

Thursday Jul 30, 2020

I recorded this episode as I was traveling back to a region where we lived for many years. It struck me how full of twists and turns this life is, as we forge ahead attempting to live as foreigners in a strange land.

Wednesday Jul 29, 2020

The second (and final) installment of this brief series. This episode will point out four major "pre-existing conditions" within the Church that are revealing four "fruits" in this hour of MINOR testing. What are we seeing unfold right now? Where is it headed and, most importantly, what can we do about it?

Tuesday Jul 28, 2020

This short, 2-part series will examine one of the greatest questions of this hour. Where has the Church gone? I will propose that four major "pre-existing conditions" within the Church are revealing four "fruits" in this hour of MINOR testing. What are we seeing unfold? Where is it headed and, most importantly, what can we do about it?

Friday Jul 24, 2020

This is a very open and transparent episode where I share the personal weight of counting the cost to follow the Messiah. Friends, losing our life for the sake of the King will absolutely cost us our everything!  Will you count the cost?

Wednesday Jul 22, 2020

As I was leaving a grocery store yesterday, my heart was filled with emotion by what I was seeing all around me, in regards to masks, control and the deception of this hour. I turned the recorder on and attempted to capture some of the moment. We must be rightly discerning this hour.

Tuesday Jul 21, 2020

In an hour when people are scouring the earth for answers, it seems that prophetic words, dreams and visions are around every single corner of present-moment Christianity. Be cautious friends. Be discerning. Let's talk about it.

Monday Jul 13, 2020

Some commentary of several present-moment issues within humanity and the Church. What are you hearing the Spirit say in this hour?

Friday Jul 10, 2020

So how do you do when things in life don't go your way? How mature are we when we're told "no"? Are we purposely training ourselves now to deny ourselves what we want so that we're postured to endure... to endure well, when the time comes? Let's find out.

Wednesday Jul 08, 2020

What if some great catastrophe took place in five minutes and whatever your present-moment spiritual condition and vibrancy was what stuck and carried you into and throughout a heavy trial and testing season like you've never known? How would you fare? Are you ready now? This episode poses some thought-provoking questions toward this principle of readiness.

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